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Oil Gas Pentrair X-Flow
The global challenge to efficiently use the available water sources and the increasing produced water streams is asking for technical innovations. Membranes for the treatment of (waste-)water streams have proven to be successful in several parts of the water cycle in the oil production sector, the refining as well as the petrochemical segment.
X-Flow’s (tight) ultrafiltration membranes have proven to have a positive influence on the system performance and the overall system footprint. Moreover, ultrafiltration membranes enable producers to substantially raise their water reuse percentage, and therewith decrease their raw water dependence.
The recycling of wastewater becomes increasingly important in order to be able to continue growth and stay profitable. Tightening legislation, water scarcity, investor concerns and pressure on operational costs are some of the underlying drivers to look at new and better treatment opportunities. But whatever the key driver is, the ultimate binding factor for all industries is the need for an environmentally responsible system that provides control over the water quality on the front end and efficient wastewater treatment at the back end at an affordable price. In short, companies increasingly act upon one of the following drivers for (waste)water treatment and reuse:
  • Environmental regulations
  • Economic considerations
  • Water scarcity
  • Operational reliability

Ideally, the water treatment leads to a reduction in the overall water footprint and offers an attractive return-on-investment rate. Increasingly, awareness rises in the industries that (waste)water treatment is not only a burden, but also an opportunity, for example for the recovery of chemicals or the production of biogas from wastewater streams with high organic content, e.g. with anaerobic MBR systems. Applications with X-Flow membranes range from:

  • Produced water management in oil fields
  • Zero liquid discharge in refineries
  • Silica removal in boiler feeds
  • Pre-treatment RO installations
  • Drinking water production in remote locations
  • Emergency water supplies

Depending on the local circumstances the application of (tight)-UF membranes could have benefits such as:

  • Consistently low SDI and extended lifetime of filtration train (eg in case of pre-treatment RO)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reduced chemical consumption
  • Process simplicity (limitation of filtration steps) & compact design
  • High chemical resistance
  • Reduced water losses
  • High quality effluent
  • Lightweight (eg in comparison with ceramic)
  • Attractive return-on-investment


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